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We deliver the next generation intelligence for insulin pumps, smart pens and other medical devices. Making diabetes care smarter, more reliable and more reassuring than ever before.

Our drive is to deliver peace of mind for people living with diabetes. We believe ML technology is the key to achieve this.

Today’s diabetes care is lacking innovation and data¹ shows it’s failing the majority of people living with diabetes in stressful, strenuous or unusual situations. We are in it to change this by bringing next gen technology directly to the people who need it.

The next generation of intelligent and high performance glycemic control technology is here: bioX®

Applications For bioX Technology

bioX® neoAP

Connected Insulin Pumps & MDI solutions

bioX® powers the learning closed-loop automatic insulin delivery (LCL-AID) system and is working with mono- and multivariable inputs. Individual reactions, patterns and dependencies, usually hidden to the patient or physician, are connected and enable a new level of real time control and support for insulin based therapies.

bioX® DT

Digital Twin Engine

bioX® DT models auto-create a Digital Twin of each individual and are trained to predict specific biomarkers, patient reported outcomes (PROs) and health impacting events based on personalized health data streams. It enables users to finally understand their metabolism, the impact of their lifestyle and lets users literally see ahead, which leads to a healthy life. All in real time and open for platforms to plug-in.

bioX® sensAI

Sensor Optimization

bioX® enables the application of highly optimized models and algorithms for data translation from raw sensor data into the target biomarker, such as glucose levels, ketones or fertility scoring – with groundbreaking accuracy. We make invasive and non-invasive sensors more reliable, more accurate and applicable to even more areas and users.

Built On Massive Data.

bioX® has been built with more than 4.4 Million CGM hours, collected during clinical studies, from in-silico populations and people who donated their everyday data to build a better future together.

Born Ready For Hardware and Integrations

bioX® is ultra-lightweight and can be deployed directly to SoCs for maximized system autonomy. Computational intensive tasks can be offloaded to a connected handheld, smartphone or the cloud and update the system periodically or on push.

We provide the complete data infrastructure with MLOps which makes an integration cost-efficient, fast and ready to scale.

Our systems are fully HIPAA compliant; data storage locations can be chosen; bioX® applications can utilize Samsung Knox and iOS hardware-accelerated encryption

The latest benchmark in automated insulin therapy.

Our bioX® technology has been tested extensively over months during in-silico trials, using FDA approved procedures. We leveraged the power of over 100K hours closed-loop application in real life scenario simulations to „battle-test“ the system safety and optimize the performance. A process that would have taken years in traditional, analog R&D cycles. 

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OneTwenty. The new kid on the block pump.

As a „fresh“ company we are combining state-of-the-art medical research, next gen technology and real life experience. All driven by our passion and ambition to bring innovation to market and people’s lives.

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We love talking tech and are happy to dive into the details of our solutions and discuss possible business or research collaborations. Multipliers such as journalists, bloggers, editors are welcome too 🙂 

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We’re making bioX® available to everyone. With Newton i/O.

We believe it’s time to update existing insulin therapy. That’s why we built Newton i/O on top of bioX® to directly support patients with existing hardware. Newton i/O will securely analyze your dense therapy data and deliver insights and optimized adjustments.

We will never share your email address. Newton ML fully anonymizes data.


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The core team behind the the company.

Our Background.

The founding team has a strong background in technology, medicine and digital products. Our developers come from fin-tech, FAANG and are experts in their fields. 

We are proud and happy to be already supported by dynamic and acknowledged advisors.

Our Approach.

We believe in lightweight structures, fast development cycles and the power of the right partners and advisors.

We know where our strengths lie and therefore work closely with ISO and QMS certified partners.

Michael Rottmann

CEO, Co-founder & investor

Dr. med. Julian M. Stiels

CTO, Co-founder & Medical Strategist

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Lutz Heinemann

Member of the Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft (DDG), the European Association for the Study of Diabetes e.V. (EASD) and the American Diabetes Association, Managing Editor of the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, and scientific advisor for various pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies

Nicole Büttner

Founder & CEO of Merantix Momentum, WEF Digital Leader for Europe, recognized expert in artificial intelligence and company formation, supervisory board member in various companies, investor, economistA

Fredrik Debong

Cofounder and chair of, cofounder of,

Florence Barkats

Digital Health Tech Innovation Advisor, Patient advocate, Head of Clinical Services Philips (UK), Lay Member NHS Improvement (UK)

Dr. med. Anne Sophie Kubasch

Research Group Leader and Clinician Scientist, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hematology, Department of Hematology, Cellular Therapy and Hemostaseology, University Hospital Leipzig

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